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Aidpage Open Letter: Help a disabled mother of three, smile again!

chunky chunk started this conversation

To the attention of:

Barack Obama, US President;

Dear President Obama, how can this be happening in our world today, that It's so many people that don't have health insurance, dental insurance, it seems like our so beautiful world is falling apart. I'm a 45 yr. old disabled mother of threechildren that can't afford dental insurance.Medicade doesn't pay for dental in my state which I live in Kansas City Mo. I went to a couple of the low income dentist, they have you to pay these high co payments, and when they get finish the dentist tell you in order to fix your teeth, that will be $500.00 to 1,000.00 dollars how is that a low income dentist, for a person that's low income that gets a small disability check a month to pay my bills to keep a roof over our heads. It's so hard for me not being able to smile for my children,I'm so depressed that I got so I barely leave the house, because my teeth are in so bad of shape,I have three front teeth broken all the way down to the gum line, the few I have in the back are full of cavities, the dentist said, he can save some of them, so I can be fitted with a upper and lower parcel plate which one of my tooth in the back needs a crown to stay strong to hold the top plate, which will cost about almost 2,000.00 dollars which I don't have, It's so hard for me over the years watching my teeth deteriorate over the years of being disabled and no dental insurance, if I had just two wishes is to help the poor and low income people to have health and dental insurance, and to fix my teeth, so I can smile again.


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